Born and Bred into the Petroleum Industry (Page 1 of 4) 8 Oct 2012

Growing up in Delhi, India and raised within a family that was heavily involved in the oil and gas sector it was only natural for Tejaswy Appalla to pursue a career in Reservoir Engineering.

“My father worked in the finance department for a petroleum exploration firm in India,” said Tejaswy, “Growing up I was surrounded by, engineers, geophysicists and geologists. You could say I was raised with a solid industry foundation.”

“ I even recall as a toddler being the naughty one of the family - I would go into the offices of my father and his friends and rip out all of their Contour maps, Well head designs, Reservoir development plans - tearing them apart, drawing and scribbling all over them. Spending my formative years within these surroundings it was natural, over the years, for me to develop an affinity for the industry.”

It was this background that planted the seed for Tejaswy and provided him with the inspiration to study diligently at university and gave him a strong insight into the oil and gas industry.

“Before arriving at AWT International to take part in their graduate program, I already knew how to start a well from inception to abandonment and how to refine crude oil to right up to CO2 emissions of the car.”

At just 27 years of age, Appalla has already finished the first year of the graduate program. He completed his Bachelors of Plant Operations in India and then completed a year-long intern-ship with India’s premier refining and marketing major HPCL in their supply and distribution department.

“At this stage I still desired further studies and I thought to myself, ‘With the economy still suffering and jobs about as easy to come by as a winning lottery ticket, getting a masters degree might just be the trump card that you need.' So I chose to complete a Masters at Adelaide University due to its reputation for competitiveness and good research background.”

Immediately after completing his Masters he gained a position with AWT International as a Graduate Petroleum Engineer and has now been with them for one year. In this capacity he has been able to work with many departments within the company including drilling, production and geology.