Ziwase (Zoey) Ndhlovu, Process Engineer, Perth (Page 1 of 3) 3 May 2013

Process Engineer, Zoey Ndhlovu, moved to Australia to gain experience in the country's expanding LNG industry. Her advice to young engineers is that if someone says no, don't see it as final - Keep on knocking!

What attracted you into the petroleum industry?

As a young girl I was always interested in learning how to make things and while studying for my A Levels in London, I knew I wanted to attend one of the top five universities in the UK. So after looking at various courses and career paths I chose Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath as its engineering departments were closely linked to industry, which would allow me to create a network with the industry while studying.

It wasn't until the third year of the Masters Course that I decided to pursue a career in oil and gas: the ability to travel the world, work with different cultures and work on ground-breaking developments in the industry appealed strongly to me.

Where are you from originally and what led you to Australia?

I was born in Zambia, lived in Swaziland up until the age of 16 and then moved to England for high school and university. I moved to Australia; because of the level of LNG developments taking place in across the country. Needing to gain as much technical experience as possible while young, I decided to take a leap, and move country to pursue a new challenge and build up on my technical skills in Process Engineering. Australia seemed like a good place to help me achieve that.

What's your current position and what activities do you engage in?

I am a Process Engineer with an American EPC firm in Perth and the project I am currently working on is involved around the rejuvenation of various LNG and gas plant facilities in the North West Shelf. My role has involved a stint based at the gas plant for close to three months, supporting operations and maintenance roles. I have also been working from the Perth office preparing the key engineering deliverables and interfacing directly with the client. I find the combination of site and office work a truly winning combination because it allows me to develop a more rounded understanding of how teams based at different locations interface.