Gas Shales in Australia: Can we use the US concepts? 21 May 2014

Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, UWA and the CSIRO Division of Earth Science and Resource Engineering (CESRE) as the Western Australian Premier’s Research Fellow in Computational Earth System Dynamics, presented to a packed audience at the SPE WA Section's Continuing Education programme on May 15 in the Woodside Auditorium.

His presentation was: Gas Shales in Australia: Can we use the US concepts?
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Hydraulic fracturing of gas shales has proved the golden bullet to unlock huge unconventional gas resources in the US. Deloitte estimates Australia as the next big exporter of unconventional gas owing to its known vast gas resources locked deep in the Australian sedimentary basins. This forecast is based on the applicability of the US concepts to the Australian setting.

However, Australian and US settings are different: unconventional gas deposits in Australia are under much larger confining stress, situated in higher temperatures, generally subject to a higher compressional stress field and not substantially over-pressured; as a result, new innovative approaches and concepts are required to unlock the Australian unconventional gas resources.

Professor Regenauer-Lieb presented a new geomechanics concept to fracture stimulate the deep hot shales in Australia that would be appropriate for the Australian high compressive environments. The talk was illustrated with field data, core lab experiments results and numerical modelling.