Andy Shaw, VP and Managing Director, Australasia, Baker Hughes (Page 4 of 4) 22 Oct 2014

What do you hope to achieve/what is your goal for Baker Hughes in your current role?

In my current role as Vice President and Managing Director of Baker Hughes in Australasia, my goals are really quite simple – and that’s to deliver on the vision of our company in anticipating, understanding and exceeding my customers' expectations.

So I do that by helping to fundamentally improve the conversion efficiency of wells – which includes a laser focus on execution quality. Then comes a goal to help accelerate and optimise production, focusing on creative integrated solutions from our portfolio – and to direct our innovation engine towards improving access to reserves and increasing ultimate recovery.

At an operational level, I also wake up every day thinking, how do I make sure everyone goes home safe today.

What have been your greatest rewards and achievements from pursuing a career in the resources sector?

When you join a diverse company like Baker Hughes, you get a rich employment experience – it goes well beyond just travelling to, and living in different locations, or experiencing different cultures.

I have had the privilege of developing into who I am today through a widely varied career path and similarly diverse range of business challenges. I began following the classical Field Engineer through Operations Management path, including a secondment in Petrophysics and Log Analysis, but then moved into a much more unexpected and thought provoking marketing role, with a period of time as the brand manager for one of the product lines – incredible fun and rich with life texture.

Lots of time in sales and business development positions gives you many immediate and longer term rewards.

My greatest reward has come from my role as an MD of one of our geographic business units – first in SE ASIA, and now in Australasia – it is truly fantastic to be so involved in the creating of energy.

Perhaps the greatest achievement and reward over time however is seeing how you impact people around you – releasing the unstoppable potential of young engineers in the way that someone once saw about me.

How do you manage a work/home balance?

In the last 26 years I have given up periods of balance, believing this was the way to be successful. Like many things, there are always apparent conflicts and challenges to dealing with adversity.

A few years ago I made a conscious decision, and perhaps adopted a new mind set, that said “I am in control of my time, my day, my life and I choose what I do and where I spend my time”.

Sounds simple, but it was that change that helped me gain the balance between success, enjoying my work and my commitment to my family. Recognising that each of them has a critical place in my life and each one helps sustain the other was a big step.

What interests do you pursue outside of work?

Coming to Perth meant I can easily pursue one of my personal dreams to be competent on a surf board (I'm not planning to win any competitions). And no winter is complete without a week or two on the ski hills –I’m a passionate skier. I still have a personal dream to ‘do a full ski season’ one year. I am sure I will.

I recently ran the 12 km Chevron City to Surf – what a great event and experience. I trained for it over four months and now I have the running bug, doing a regular 9 km run from my home to the beach and back.

Looking back on your career, would you do it all again if you had the choice? Would you do anything different?

Yes, I would do it all again. I have no regrets. It’s been a great ride, and I’m not planning on getting off just yet.