Buru progressing to Ungani start-up By Martin Kovacs, 7 Apr 2017

Buru Energy has advised that the program to restart Ungani oil field production, in the Western Australian Canning Basin, is progressing well, including modifications to the field facilities.

Buru advised that the principal work for start-up at the field “is the installation of the produced water injection system at the Ungani Far West-1 well to allow re-injection of produced water into the lower water-bearing zone in the well”, with other prior start-up work including some general operational streamlining and installation of a new load-out system purchased prior to the shut-in last year.

“The second phase of production from the field will involve the installation of downhole pumps and their associated control and power systems,” Buru stated. “When the pumps are installed there will also be an upgrade to the fluid handling system, including additional tankage.

“Planning for this phase has essentially been completed. The timing is dependent on the well performance and the availability of a workover rig to run the pumps into the wells, but is anticipated to occur before the end of the year. Depending on well performance, the pumps will provide the opportunity to increase oil production from the wells.”

Buru advised that, along with the field modifications, access to Wyndham Port and finalisation of the trucking contract are on track for the planned mid-year start-up.