Emerson strengthens upstream capabilities 9 Jul 2015

Acquisition expands Roxar Software Solutions to the entire reservoir lifecycle, enabling operators to continuously monitor production and forecast future reservoir performance

Emerson Process Management has acquired Norwegian company Yggdrasil, a provider of flow assurance and production optimisation software. Emerson will incorporate Yggdrasil’s METTE production optimisation solution into the Roxar reservoir management software portfolio, providing operators with an integrated workflow from seismic interpretation and reservoir modelling to reservoir simulation and production optimisation.

The combination of data from predictive reservoir models, production modelling and field instrumentation will enable operators to monitor production continuously and use information from the field when forecasting future reservoir performance and making operational decisions.

“This integration will help our customers align their modellng, uncertainty quantification and simulation data with production; optimise their field development and production plans; and increase oil and gas recovery in today’s challenging environment,” said Kjetil Fagervik, MD of Emerson’s Roxar Software Solutions. “With this acquisition, Emerson is widening our software portfolio to ensure better decisions and better asset returns.”

METTE is an integrated flow assurance and production modelling solution that provides operators with flow performance calculations for wells and flow lines, integrated field modelling for life of field simulation and optimisation, and virtual metering for the allocation of production to wells. Key benefits to operators include flexible production performance calculations, fast network simulation and improved life of field integrated flow assurance.

The hardware descriptions and outputs generated through METTE can also be easily linked with leading reservoir simulators in the market, including Emerson’s Tempest MORE simulator. The result is a completely integrated production modelling system that can be used to refine and develop production strategies and field development concepts.