APPEA 2017: Woodside presented two awards By Martin Kovacs, 17 May 2017

Woodside Energy has been presented with two awards at the APPEA 2017 Conference and Exhibition, winning the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Environment Excellence Award and the Safety Excellence Award.

“Woodside has integrated world-class environmental management into its exploration and its facilities,” APPEA board member Eric Streitberg stated upon announcement of the Environment Excellence Award.

“The company seeks to protect its workers, its communities and the environment by delivering sustained leading health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) performance.”

Streitberg noted that for the first time last year “energy efficiency was included as a metric in the company’s corporate scorecard”.

“Woodside set a corporate target of 1% fuel intensity improvement,” he commented. “This is on top of its existing annual flare reduction target – since 2013, the company has reduced its flared gas intensity by more than 50%.

“Woodside engineers developed several initiatives that directly reduced fuel usage or flaring, or improved the company’s production efficiency. By continuing to enhance its data science capacity, Woodside is finding more opportunities to use existing equipment in smarter ways that reduce emissions intensity and add value.”

With regard to the Safety Excellence Award, Streitberg stated that Woodside “is making increasing use of data analytics to provide insights that enable it to systematically and effectively minimise risks”.

“The company’s process safety management initiative (PSMi) implemented a framework to ensure that all Woodside assets and business functions have a standardised, globally applicable approach to managing process safety,” Streitberg stated.

“PSMi also eliminated key process safety management vulnerabilities and implemented high-priority improvements that Woodside considered to be necessary for a step-change in performance.”