Characteising Shale Plays - The importance of recognising what you don't know
Posted by Matthew Flett
14 May 2014

Dear SPE members,

The recent visit of a SPE distinguished lecturer, Brad Berg,“Characterising Shale Plays - The Importance of Recognising What You Don't Know” is now up on SPE News Australasia. This webcast was recorded at the April 2014 SPE WA section technical luncheon. Thanks to our sponsor, Shell. The webcast is available here:


Matt Flett – Editorial Chair

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Matt Flett is the Chair of the Editorial Committee for SPE News Australasia. Matt has been an SPE member for since 2002 and member of the SPE Western Australian section committee since 2009. Since 2003, Matt has been employed by Chevron Australia in Perth, WA, as a Reservoir Engineer with roles to date in the Gorgon Project, Exploration and Appraisal teams.