By Irina Slav,
10 January 2017
Oil and gas is hardly the first industry that springs to mind when one mentions cloud computing. But this may be about to change.

How much more productive can these new wells get?

18 August 2016
What killed the dinosaurs? It's a question as old as – well the dinosaurs themselves.
21 July 2016
Earlier this year, Dr Kellie Pendoley was elected to the Board of Directors of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), in recognition of her life's work investigating light pollution and its effect on ecosystems, animals and human health.
31 May 2016
In his second contribution, John Davidson explains why stresses from reflection seismic are acurate.
25 May 2016
Securing contracts at achievable day rates and removing unnecessary costs is at the top of the agenda for most players in the oil and gas services mar...
10 May 2016
Geoscientist John K. Davidson is contributing a series of regular contributions for SPENewsAustralasia. In this first article he explains why the primary control of fault seal is whether fault surface is essentially open or closed, with emphasis on post migration stress history.
19 April 2016
For companies in asset-intensive industries like oil and gas, the difference between thriving and struggling can hinge on how effectively they manage...
26 November 2015

For the last 30 years or so the dominant user interaction with enterprise software has been through...

29 September 2015

Complex project executed with outstanding results by following structured process.

26 August 2015

Companies are working on new technologies as environmental groups and governments turn increasingly hostile to dirty oil sands.

31 July 2015
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Characteising Shale Plays - The importance of recognising what you don't know
Dear SPE members, The recent visit of a SPE distinguished lecturer, Brad Berg,...
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